Couples and Individuals

A man and a woman stare into each others eyes in front of a scenic japanese lake in Misawa, Japan
A husband and a pregnant wife stand face to face in an aircraft hangar on Misawa Air Base, Japan
a beautiful woman turns toward the camera while standing in a huge field of bright yellow blooming rapeseed flowers
a handsome man stands in front of a lake with brilliant fall colors lining the shores
a young woman grasps her knees in front of bright red pillars in a park in Misawa, Japan
a handsome man stares deeply into the camera and his is bathed in red light
a young woman poses proudly in her beautiful dress on her quinceanera in San Antonio, Texas
a husband and wife hold each other tight in front of his F16 jet on Misawa Air Base, Japan
a young woman is surrounded by cherry blossoms as she performs yoga near Misawa, Japan
a young couple hold each other as they walk among the cherry blossoms near Misawa, Japan